Gijs van Klooster

producer / mixer



Providing the experience and necessary perspective to guide an artist’s recording from start to finish and materializing his/her artistic vision.

After playing, composing, recording and producing music for over 35 years, I’m more than experienced to cover the whole process - often starting in a rehearsal room or home studio and ending in a mastering studio.

Making Sonic Dreams Come True

My goal is to deliver a musical experience that truly reflects the artist’s inspiration. From the delicate capture at the microphone to the final master, I ensure every acoustic or synthesized element seamlessly connects. I build a musical story using performances, sounds, processing, and mixing to create a cohesive masterpiece.


Pre Production

Together we’ll listen to (live) demos to explore the essence of your music. We focus on how you want to present your music to your audience. Prepare, practice and fine-tune performances. We make a technical plan that will guide the production phase.


The mission is to record your ultimate peak performance. Construct and conceive all the musical layers and record everything we need in optimal form. I can assist with composing / soundesign / arrangements, to optimize the impact of every element.

Mix (Atmos)

An important part is to edit all tracks and add FX to enhance the story lines. Mixing is performing the perfect balance between all sounds and instruments to create a magical listening experience.

Mix-as-a-service if you produced elsewhere.


If you'd like me to be involved in any or all phases of your music production process,
send me an email.


My RedHouse studio is a 65 m2 Dolby Atmos Calibrated Recommended mix and recording studio based in Soundcity Amsterdam. Accoustic treatment is custom designed by Kees Neertvoort.

It’s an intimate place, where musical ideas and performances can be captured without the flow being interrupted. Everybody is together in the same room, working on the same thing. Plus: loads of instruments and synthesizers, a beautiful Hoffmann T122 piano, and other musical toys available to play around with.
We can jam or compose and arrange. We can record and make sounds and mix. The exceptional acoustics make it easy to perform and make you feel at home. With tube mics and state-of-the-art equipment, I specialize in capturing great performances from artists who are passionate about sharing their art.

I envisioned that a recording artist needs a place that sounds good, where they feel comfortable, and a guy that knows how to work all the buttons and faders.





As one of the pioneering Dolby certified Atmos music creation studio in Europe, we provide an immersive audio experience that brings your music to life during the creation process. The studio offers a unique way to express your music on a larger canvas, adding multiple dimensions to the listening experience. Unlike many mix rooms with an Atmos set, my studio is specifically dedicated to creating music in Atmos.

If you want to hear what it can do for your music: contact me. We'll arrange a listening session. I think it is very important to give all creative music people direct access to this new immersive music format.



If you want to make tracks together or need help with production, mixing or recording,
send me an email.



Work In Progress




“Phaedrus felt that at the moment of pure Quality perception, or not even perception, at the moment of pure Quality there is no subject and there is no object. There is only a sense of Quality that produces a later awareness of subjects and objects. At the moment of pure Quality, subject and object are identical.”


Robert M. Pirsig, from the book "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance".


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